Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Dirty Word of Ufology

One of the problems with our perception of contact is that most of us are too fixated with the mystery and the unknown - the curious lights in the sky and scary tales of abductions and missing time. Lately I have begun to change my observational habits, spending less time looking "out there" and spending more time thinking how the ETs or Visitors see us. How do we appear in their eyes? We are quantum minds residing temporarily within a chemical body - your mind or consciousness is a piece of what we know of as God. Religion and power hungry folks over time have succeeded in creating and promoting an illusion that insists we humble ourselves, prostrate our selves in worship and hope a nugget is tossed our way by the unseen gods - but in fact you ARE the universal consciousness. It's time to end the illusion and time to focus on worshiping yourself. We have an out-dated, archaic, warped society and most of us have been bombarded, if not brainwashed into thinking we are worthless, lowly creatures and the UFO visitors will present a glorious, holy, impossible, singular moment of crispy, golden contact in 3D and HD.

In fact people have been speaking to and interacting with these "aliens" for quite some time. The Visitors/Aliens/Universe that are involved in making contact with us Earthlings are part of a confederation, part of the infinite matrix or multiverse and they've been around for a while and they know how contact needs to be rolled out. Contact is a long, evolving process and it must be so in order that we as a whole can adjust to the information and frequency of Universal level interaction. Here's the secret, the trick - are you ready? The aliens are not coming toward us - we must move toward them. It's that simple. This is why for most of us we only get a drip of evidence, one little drop at a time - just enough to get the attention of the curious and open-minded. The drips are minuscule and perfectly elusive, but enough to get us to turn our heads into their direction and to get the gears in our quantum mind turning.

Contact primarily takes place in the mind, just as any conversation during your day. The Visitors have been putting out information for decades, but most of us just haven't looked down to see it in plain sight, myself included. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" and likewise the Visitors, to some degree, expect us to figure certain things out on our own, or simply continue to evolve until we are ready. Agent K and I have been coming across incredible material lately and we have been timid to post this material on TOR or the Blog for fear that it's just too over the top but I don't believe we would be doing the best job as Object Reporters if we did not share the information with all. I also feel strongly that this contact process is evolving and if we don't pump up the volume on The Object Report Blog then some people are going to miss a potential short cut to the important bits.

So, let's crack out the dirty word and get it over with. "Channeling"... there... I fucking said it. For those of you who are repulsed by the notion of channeling, believe me I'm in the same corner with you. Channeling is right there along side accidentally seeing a grandparent naked or Richard Simmons with his curly, sweaty hair prancing around in leg warmers and/or some late night 1-800-dial-psychic infomercial. If you mentioned channeling to me a few years ago I would have scoffed - but not now. I've had two distinct paranormal encounters in my life and I know beyond a doubt there are ghosts milling around which means there is life after death - something beyond. It's obvious at this point, a soul or quantum, non-local mind exists and we just don't know exactly how this works - specifically what I'm saying is that we don't know what the limitations or parameters are for this quantum mind. I have seen three, clear as day UFOs moving about, I've had encounters with one pissed off ghost and the ghost of a dead neighbor and one remote viewing episode -  so I can say without a doubt something "beyond" is all around us, unseen but nevertheless there. Ascending into a higher quantum level (less linear) where the Visitors reside is not hard stuff and apparently involves no real work, certainly nothing physical to do. It all boils down to information and focus, with the emphasis on focus. How could it be so simple? I think the answer itself is simple.

If you zoom in on a typical atom and keep zooming down to the level of the atom, continuing down to the level of the quarks that make up the protons and electrons zooming down to the quantum level - everything is just waves. There is nothing else in the universe other than vibrating waves. Solid objects are an illusion. As an example lets zoom in on a proton, at left, from some of the water from your drink this morning.
The image at right is a quantum-level zoomed in view of an electron from a neuron in your brain forming a thought as you read this sentence. The point is that everything in the Universe is made of vibrating waves, nothing more. An electron in your water or an electrical impulse in a neuron in your head - its all the same thing - vibrating waves. The concept I wish to get across is that our focus, our passion, driving thoughts - are nothing more than vibrations in the quantum matrix. Everything is just vibrations at the fundamental level - and so there is no real work or physical effort involved in becoming a more conscious being and raising your overall vibration in order to perceive beings in other dimensions, UFOs, ghosts, etc. Simply because you're already on automatic pilot, one is already vibration energy. The ONLY thing that has ever been missing in your efforts is focus. My wife and I call this the "mushroom effect" as one year in particular whilst driving we noticed a lot of people scurrying to and fro, in and out of the woods all around town with little wicker baskets like something out of an M. Night Shyamalan flick. "What the hell are they doing?" we wondered for weeks on end then one day spotted one of the basket people not too deep in the woods and slowed the car enough to notice they were picking mushrooms. We had never noticed all these mushrooms around before, never gave it a thought - but after the basket people revelation we began to notice these particular, edible mushrooms were everywhere. Once our focus switched on, narrowed down and locked on - we saw those mushrooms everywhere, literally. 

So, with the notion that the inevitable bridge to the Visitors can be crossed - the wormhole traversed simply through the focus of your attention - here is the link to Ra and the "Law of One"

Obviously at some point the Visitors/Aliens need to make themselves accessible to such a degree that doubt is taken out of the equation, out of our heads. We need some level of mass physical interaction on the part of the Visitors or all of this would remain speculative, philosophical and perhaps even become fatiguing. The good news is that the Phoenix Lights over Arizona was apparently a dry run on the part of the Visitors to test the waters. We should expect more sightings of this magnitude and more open revelation of their existence. In the meantime, I'm quite convinced they are broadcasting various pre-contact concepts and suggestions in order that the more adept will be better prepared mentally, having taken certain high level concepts to heart in anticipation of something extraordinary.

- Agent D