Friday, July 18, 2014

The Nordic Blondes

There is no questioning the Grays take center stage as the most iconic ETs of all time. Giving the Grays a good run for their money are the Nordic Blondes who hold their own ground in terms of popularity and in many ways occupy the most time in our human psyche and imagination - looking as though they stepped straight out of a Led Zeppelin song. Like our Tall Grays, the Nordics, aka the Blondes, hold a unique Ufology position in that they have been seen in the flesh and blood by several credible eyewitnesses - Travis Walton, Jessie Roestenberg and Whitley Strieber just to rattle off a few names. 

The Blondes have been encountered by multiple, extremely credible, on record eyewitnesses and the description of their appearance has been consistent. They are described as beautiful, perfect, human-like beings standing up to seven feet tall with long, golden-white hair, high foreheads, blue eyes and perfectly tanned skin. They are very muscular and appear as if to be specimens of physical perfection. We are able to recreate their physical appearance using software thanks to the eyewitnesses who were mere feet away from these beings. Probably the most well known Nordic eyewitness is Travis Walton of "Fire in the Sky" fame. Another extremely credible witness who has gone on public record to describe her encounter with the Blondes is Jessie Roestenberg who lives in the United Kingdom and first went on film to describe her encounter in 1954. There are many other credible eyewitnesses who have seen the Blondes and several cases in which there has been communication between these apparent super beings and mortal humans.

Where Are They From?

These impressive beings go by several names, the Blondes, The Nordics and they are also sometimes referred to as the Pleiadians. The actual Pleiades is an open star cluster about 400 light-years from Earth. It consists of 7 stars that are visible to the naked eye and a handful that are too dim to see without a telescope. The cluster is very young, no more than 150 million years old. Though we know the location of the Pleiadian system, we do not know for certain what time period the Blondes are from. In all likelihood the Blondes do not share our current relativistic time frame or even Universe. They could be from a parallel reality that is extremely similar to our dimension but simply in another parallel dimension, which of course would place them outside of our time utterly. If one finds the notion of an infinite number of parallel realities difficult to swallow, consider the alternative. If there is only one universe then you can splay out your entire existence and view it from start to finish as a light cone and looking at your one linear existence as such means your life is on rails, carved in stone, one direction with no choice or variation. Given that infinity indeed does exist there is the likelihood that the Universe holds infinite possibilities which play out through infinite parallel realities. 

Do Blondes Share Human DNA?

The most obvious question considering that no other beings look so similar (that we know of) to humans as the Blondes, naturally we have to assume there is indeed a genetic connection. It could be a simple cosmic coincidence that alien beings who have evolved on a planet far far away are simply visiting us and they appear nearly identical to Humans. However, the level of interaction of the Blondes with humans appears to go beyond mere coincidence and we must consider the Blondes have been seen, over and over again, across decades in multiple locations. They certainly were not just passing by. Information gleaned from eyewitnesses goes along the lines that the Blondes are indeed original contributors to the Human genome going back into ancient Earth history hundreds of thousands of years. They are from the stars and we are the children who possess a great deal of Blonde DNA, perhaps with DNA from other non-Earth beings as well. There are certainly many races who do not possess Blonde hair, blue eyes and stand nearly seven feet tall, so the extent of this DNA contribution is likely best described as passing on humanoid characteristics, i.e. two legs, five fingers, hair - in general more refined humanoid qualities. We indeed are sapiens, but we are homo-sapiens and possess a certain refinement and intellectual boost above our ape cousins. Did our intellectual and aesthetic boost come from the Nordics and others? Consciousness makes all the difference in the world - pun intended.

What Technology Do They Possess?

Rendering of Nordic craft based upon eyewitness description
We can positively identify what the Blondes wear: skin-tight, blue jumpsuits and Jessie saw two beings wearing clear round helmets inside their craft. Helmets being worn inside a craft would suggest the Blondes are flesh and blood and need a particular atmosphere - they are not holograms or robots. They have been seen aboard a 'Mexican hat' shaped UFO and Travis Walton encountered a male and a female Blonde aboard a large craft which appeared to be a mothership-sized cigar based upon what he could see of the interior space. This massive craft housed several smaller round craft, hovering inside in a row. These small round craft are often reportedly seen flying out of a larger cigar shaped ship while darting around impossibly fast. Interestingly, it appears we have actual footage of large cigar UFO hovering in the skies in broad daylight and exhibiting highly strange visual phenomenon which are likely the result of powerful electromagnetic fields or perhaps even fields operating on a quantum level, affecting time and space. 

Why are they here?

Do the Blondes need anything from us would be a more exact question. Given their physical perfection, advanced technology, ability to move across the stars, telepathy and likely unlimited access to an advanced form of energy - it is highly unlikely they need anything materialistically from Earth or humans. Each day we learn there are millions if not billions of Earth like planets in the Galaxy and thus planetary resources are likely not scarce to space faring civilizations. Going with the general consensus of what we think we know of how the Visitors think, their level of interest is on a higher level of morality and discipline. War and profit does not seem to be a prime motivator of the Visitors and when we say Visitors we speak of The Grays, Reptilians, Blondes, Mantids and Hybrids. If war and profit are not motivators the only thing left is benevolent interest in our spiritual advancement as a species. I would also include scientific interest under this umbrella of benevolence. With that said, there is the possibility the Blondes do need something from us - and that being us. There is the issue of the Hybrid program which requires human DNA from this current living generation and this is perhaps our last question to ponder. Are the Blondes involved in the Hybridization Program? We can answer this question with a definitive YES. We have a CE4 eyewitness who has seen the Blondes and had interaction with a being who appeared to be a Hybrid possessing Blonde and Gray alien characteristics. - Agent D